Haturi wishes to announce the release of their affordable and unique product; manual lemon and lime extractor, a kitchen utensil that will squeeze all the citrus pulp of your fruit!
Finding the perfect utensil that can be utilized without much stress gives every kitchen user and especially fresh juice lovers a deep and heartfelt joy and this is as a result of the bulwark against yummy and fresh juice thrown up by imperfect gadgets. Funny enough, these are what fills the markets and online stores today and thus makes catering tough and very unbearable for kitchen lovers. But the great news is that “Haturi” has come up with their manual citrus squeezer that gives a lasting solution to the kind of stress kitchen users go through while trying to extract the juice from their citrus fruits.

The Haturi manual juice extractor is made to squeeze out all the juice in your citrus fruit. With this manual juice extractor, you will get the most of your citrus fruit without wasting even a drop of your fruit! Therefore, using this extractor, you have got the maximum amount of juice coming your way without the interference of any seed, just pure lemon juice, lime juice or orange juice.
When put into use, it very much efficient, effortless and most of all it saves time. Coupled with all these qualities, it is also easy to store, use and clean and fits nicely on any kitchen counter. With this product, you can boldly say bye to bulky, hard-to-clean squeezers and say a very big welcome to the manual juice extractor with a minimal storage space.
It is also made with a strong, stable and non-toxic aluminum that does not ever rust hence; there is no harmful chemical that will be detrimental to your health. The lead-free coating makes it super reliable and safe. The bowls can fit any small citrus fruits or tiny slices of watermelon. Unlike common squeezers, its thick and reinforced handles are easy to operate and because of this, while de-pulping and de-seeding you’ll get a very comfortable and steady grip. Give this lemon juice press a soft hand squeeze and immediately get yourself a healthy, homemade natural juice.
To celebrate the release of their new click here product, this gadget which was originally sold for $21.98 would now be sold for $10.99 (original price $21.98), and customers will get one with an extra 30% discount with coupon (coupon code: O278C323).

About Haturi
The Haturi Company is a company that has the interest of their clients as a top priority and always on the look out to provide all their clients with the very best of products that are as well very inexpensive. They are a brand that give every pet lover the very best of options.

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